Values - Certificates and Badge Criteria

There are four school values 

● Community

● Curiosity

● Resilience

 ● Excellence

Students can earn certificates for each value. Certificates count towards a values badge. Certificates are awarded in team time/assembly. The badges are awarded in school assemblies. All teachers will award two values certificates per team time/assembly, two per fortnight. Children will also receive values certificates in other ways throughout the year.

The Junior Badge

The junior badge​ displays all four school values. Students in Years 1-4 can earn this badge by collecting two certificates for each value, a total of eight certificates. 

The Senior Badge

The senior badges​ (one per value) are earned when students collect a certain number of certificates per value, i.e. a Community or Excellence badge is awarded when ​five ​certificates of the value have been gained and a Curiosity or Resilience badge is awarded when ​three ​certificates of the value have been gained. ​The certificates for these badges need to be awarded in Years 5-8. 

The Intermediate Badge

The Intermediate badge i​s earned once a student has all 4 senior badges​ and has gained another 10 senior school certificates​, 3 of which need to be for Resilience or Curiosity. 

Recording Sheets

Students can use the appropriate ​‘Badge Recording Sheet’ to keep track of their progress towards earning a values badge. Certificates should be kept safely at home as they will need to be presented to and signed off by the child’s teacher ​with the sheet ​in order to gain a badge. 

Prebbleton School also awards certificates for involvement in a sports team or cultural group/event, and for academic achievement. The teacher in charge of a group or team will provide a certificate to recognise the student’s commitment or involvement. Students may use the certificate provided by an outside organisation, e.g. 40 Hour Famine or ICAS. 

Certificates celebrating achievement at a high level, e.g. Christchurch Primary Schools Sport or ICAS distinction, will be presented at a school assembly. Certificates for participation will be handed out at team time/assembly.

Students may use a variety of certificates to earn value badges, for example:

  • ➢  A Principal Award certificate equals an Excellence unless specified otherwise
  • ➢  Two sports certificates equals a Community certificate, however only two Community certificate per year can be earned this way (for seniors)
  • ➢  A place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in a school-related event/activity​ ​equals an Excellence award
  • ➢  A cultural certificate for choir, Jump Jam or other long term commitments can be used in the place of a Community, Curiosity, Resilience or Excellence certificate, depending on which value the teacher in charge stipulates for individual students
  • ➢  An Academic achievement (must be higher level than ‘Participation’) in an external competition can be used in place of an Excellence certificate
  • ➢  A place (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in an external sporting competition when representing the school, e.g. Lincoln Zone and Christchurch Primary Schools Athletics
  • ➢  A class award for ‘effort’ or ‘academic excellence’ earned at the end of year prizegiving can be used in place of an Excellence or Resilience certificate
  • ➢  A ‘science badge’ or similar equals a Curiosity certificate
  • ➢  Teachers have the flexibility to award a certificate when a child is displaying a certain value e.g. A community certificate would ordinarily be awarded for a particular event but a child showed resilience in overcoming a hurdle As with any new and evolving system, these guidelines are subject to change.